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When you've seen the world there's always Greenland.

We invite you to browse through our exciting tours and get inspired by amazing Greenland. Our Greenland experts with their inside knowledge will assist you and design your very own adventure in Greenland.

Best access to the ice sheet and musk oxen roaming the backlands of Kangerlussuaq make this a great stop-over on your way to Disko Bay or Nuuk.

Nuuk, the capital of Greenland is surprisingly metropolitan with a secret hinterland calling for adventures.

Lush farmlands, jagged mountains and several icefjords invite for adventure, sightseeing and hiking tours.

Steep mountains, deep fjords and giant icebergs offer the perfect playground for kayaking, sailing and hiking adventures.

If you think Greenland itself is not far away enough, head further to Scoresbysund and be blown away by its sheer grandeur.

Giant icebergs, small settlements and a great variety of tours make this the ideal place if you visit Greenland the first time.

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