Heading by boat to Qooroq Glacier in South Greenland
© Benjamin Hardman

Tours in South Greenland

Greenland Tours offers exciting adventures in South Greenland. Temperatures in South Greenland are higher than in the rest of the country, sometimes even reaching up to 20° Celsius during summer time. The landscapes are greener and the ground fertiler with many farms along the coast. The area is full of contrasts between the green of the landscape and the blue colours of the ice. The area is nice for hiking and kayaking but also easy for individual trips because the settlements are close to each other with good boat connections.

The Sarfaq Ittuk passing icebergs
June August from €3,250 p. p.

Coastal Ship - South & West

14 days in the south & west of Greenland incl. 5 days on board Sarfaq Ittuk & Disko Bay

The Sarfaq Ittuk near an iceberg in Disko Bay
June August from €3,635 p. p.

The Great Greenland Voyage

15 days from Disko Bay to South Greenland incl. 6 nights on board the coastal ferry

Kayaking among blue icebergs in South Greenland
June September from €2,825 p. p.

Among Fjords and Glaciers

8 days of kayaking and glacier exploring in South Greenland incl. flights from Copenhagen or Keflavik

Ásta Mercier
Asta Mercier Greenland Specialist
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