Camp overnight on the Greenland Ice Cap
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About us

Greenland Tours is a travel agency specialised in individual travel to Greenland. The Icelandic company was founded in 2012. The passionate team of Greenland specialists puts a strong focus on designing customised tours with the very best fit to the individual needs of adventurers.

“Our vision is to provide exceptional experiences in one of the most extreme countries in the world - in regard to climate - where nature definitely sets the agenda. This we accomplish with a high amount of flexibility and with a very strong and close connection to our selected local partners. We want you to witness the true Greenland with all its power and mightiness, going along with the best service and professional support.” Henry Kröher

Ásta Mercier
Asta Mercier Greenland Specialist

Ásta is half French, half Icelandic and spent a lot of summers during her childhood in the Icelandic country side. She always wanted to share her passion for Iceland and chose a profession where she could show people how amazing the Arctic is. She quickly became a specialist for the whole Arctic region. With her affection and expertise she arranges unforgettable adventures to Greenland.

Nicole Kröher Greenland Specialist

Nicole has lived and worked in places that brim with nature, among them Iceland which has captured her ever since and was the ultimate opener to her love for the Arctic. Nicole brings in extensive experiences in the tour operator business as well as in destination and product development. Her focus is on continuous quality improvements, making sure that our adventurers are provided with top-notch service.

Carolin Schwanbeck Greenland Specialist

Carolin has been working in the tourism industry for many years. During her honeymoon to Greenland, she fell in love with that breathtaking country. For her traveling is about opening hearts, broadening minds and filling life with stories to tell. Carolin will help you arrange your very own adventure in Greenland so you soon have your own Greenland story to tell.

Dominic Nemec
Dominic Nemec Greenland Specialist

When Dominic came the first time to Greenland, he fell in love with its unique sceneries and breathtaking nature. He is an ambitious traveler who loves to plan and organise all kind of adventures. He studied Tourism and Management and lived in Germany, Australia, Spain and Austria. With his service oriented mind and cultural insights, which he gained from traveling over 35 countries, he helps you to plan your very own adventure in Greenland.

Helle Pedersen Local support

Helle has got you covered while you are travelling in Greenland with us. Helle is Greenlandic and based in Nuuk and has 10+ years of experience from the Greenlandic travel industry. Latest she had a position as Customer Service Manager at Air Greenland. Helle speaks English, Danish and Greenlandic.

Kristbjörg Kristbergsdóttir
Kristbjörg Kristbergsdóttir Accountant

Kristbjörg was born and raised in Iceland. She has travelled the seven seas but her deep love for Iceland and the Arctic region made her return to the colder part of the world. She is accountant, good soul and handles all sorts of administrative tasks for Greenland Tours.

Henry Kröher Greenland Specialist

Henry Kröher is CEO and owner of the company. He has studied Tourism Management, lived and worked in Germany, Tenerife, China, United Kingdom and Iceland. In Iceland he found his deep love for the Arctic regions. Since 2005 he is engaged in creating adventures to the Arctic and since then has become a true specialist for Iceland and Greenland.

What our customers say

We highly recommend them

Greenland Tours was able to propose and organize a custom made tour for my wife and me.
Contact and reactivity were very good, especially when it was necessary to reschedule activities because of the weather. We highly recommend them.
Special thanks to Dominic, Henry and Carolin

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Malabat (France, June 2023) Best of the West ⇢

experience 10/10

With all the constant changes and uncertainty, Nicole was nothing short of amazing guiding us through and advising us of everything we needed to know. The accommodations and tours were of the best quality I think we could have had so there is no negatives at all for this experience 10/10.

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Jack Regan (England, February 2022)

for sure we will recommend your agency

All the services we booked from your agency were fine and excellent and we want to thank you again for everything. If some our friend would like to do the same trip to Greenland for sure we will recommend your agency.

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Catin (Italy, June 2016) Coastal Ship - South & West ⇢