Big iceberg close to Tasiilaq in East Greenland

Tours in East Greenland

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East Greenland is one of the most isolated areas in Greenland and offers fantastic possibilities for big adventures. Here in East Greenland steep mountains rise from the sea and giant white and blue icebergs float in deep fjords. Only 120 years ago, there was no connection between East and West Greenland. Therefore culture and traditions are different to the one in the west and it is also the reason why East Greenlanders have a language of their own.

Enjoying the dogsledding trip in East Greenland
Local guide
February - March from €4,335

Hounds of Snow

8 day dogsledding trip in East Greenland

Big iceberg close to Tasiilaq in East Greenland
Local guide
July - August from €2,130

Great East

6 days visiting the highlights of East Greenland

Paddle among icebergs - Kayaking in Greenland
July - August from €3,990

Back to the Wild

10 days of kayaking and hiking in the Ammassalik area

Walking along Sermilik Fjord
July - August from €3,160

Frozen Giants

10 days hiking in East Greenland

Two hikers overlooking Ikaasatsivaq sound in East Greenland near Tiniteqilaaq
July - August from €3,385

Alpine East

12 days trekking in remote East Greenland

A hiker along the shores of Sermilik Ice Fjord near Tiniteqilaaq in East Greenland
July - August from €2,595

The Icefjord Trek

8 days trekking along Sermilik Icefjord in East Greenland

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