Walking along Sermilik Fjord

Frozen Giants

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Frozen Giants

10 days hiking in East Greenland

from €3,160

This hiking trip takes you to three of the nicest villages of East Greenland as well as its capital, Tasiilaq. Learn about the Inuit culture that has made it possible to survive the most hostile conditions one finds on Earth, for thousands of years. Climb the Kuummiit mountain and the Somandsfjell and enjoy the incredible view and sail among the icebergs in the Sermilik fjord. The trip includes the scenic walk across the Ammassalik Island and the secret spots of Kulusuk Island. An incredible lesson in geography and culture all in one trip.

Rough summary

Day 1:

Arrival in Kulusuk. Night in Kulusuk.

Day 2:

Hiking on Kulusuk Island. Night in Kulusuk.

Day 3:

Boat transfer to Kuummiut. Night in Kuummiut.

Day 4:

Mount Qeqqit Qaqqartivaat. Night in Kuummiut.

Day 5:

From Kuummiut to Tiniteqilaaq. Night at Camp Qaattu.

Day 6:

Hiking at the Sermilik Fjord. Night at Camp Qaattu.

Day 7:

Hiking the Sermilik Path to Tasiilaq. Night in Tasiilaq.

Day 8:

Somandsfjeldet/Qaqqartivakajik. Night in Tasiilaq.

Day 9:

Day at leisure in Tasiilaq. Night in Kulusuk.

Day 10:

End of trip.

Prices and dates

Price per person:



June 20, 2023 – June 30, 2023 (guaranteed)
July 22, 2023 – July 31, 2023 (fully booked)
August 5, 2023 – August 14, 2023 (available)
August 19, 2023 – August 28, 2023 (fully booked)
September 4, 2023 – September 13, 2023 (available)

Further details

Price includes:

  • English speaking guide
  • full board from lunch day 1 to breakfast day 10
  • boat transfers
  • 7 nights in local houses (hut-like)
  • 2 nights in hut (Camp Qaattu)

Min/max participants:


Minimum age:


Hiking details:

Walking per day: 5-7 hours
Total distance: 70 kilometres (44 miles)
Altitude: 0–1050 meters (165 - 3450 feet)
Maximum ascent: 1050 meters (3450 feet)

Flight connections

Flights to Greenland are not included.
Best way to fly to Kulusuk is via Keflavik/Iceland.
Return flight from 950 EUR per person can be added to your package.

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Detailed itinerary

Day 1: Kulusuk

After arrival in Kulusuk, we walk to the village, to our accommodation (1h walk). Kulusuk is situated on an island surrounded in three directions with other islands and mountain peaks. It is the home to about 250 people, many of them hunters and fishermen. After lunch, we take a walk in the village and its surroundings, get to know its story and admire the landscape and the icebergs in the sea (2 hours walk). Free time in the late afternoon. Night in a hut-style accommodation in a traditional local house.

Day 2: Kulusuk Island

Morning departure to discover the beautiful landscape of Kulusuk Island. Walk up to a hill with an extraordinary view towards the West, with icebergs and drift ice in abundance on the ocean. We admire the green color of a mountain lake before heading to the coast to enjoy the cliffs and rock formations of the shore. Night in the same house as the night before.
Walking: 6-7 hours

Day 3: Kulusuk - Kuummiut

Morning boat transfer (about 1 hour) to Kuummiit, the northernmost village in the Ammassalik region. Kuummiit stands at the foot of high and steep granite mountains in a very impressive setting. After settling down in a local hut-style accommodation we go for an afternoon walk in the village and along the shore. On a small peninsula we might meet a couple of local boys, fishing arctic char with a rod. Fabulous view across the fjord to the alpine-like peaks that surround the area. Night in a local house.

Day 4: Mount Qeqqit Qaqqartivaat

Climb of the Qeqqit Qaqqartivaat, the Kuummiit mountain. This almost 1100m high mountain is our goal today. We start the ascension by climbing the ridge just above the village with a fabulous view of what the locals call Dunu or Tunu, the backside which is a beautiful small fjord surrounded by steep mountains. We then turn left to climb a second ridge up to the edge of a hanging valley. From there another 200 m climb to the top. The view from this mountain is (just) breathtaking. Mountains, glaciers, fjords and valleys as far as the eye can see. Night in the same house as the night before.
Walking: 6-7 hours, Ascent: 1050m

Day 5: Kuummiit – Tiniteqilaaq- Sermilik Icefjord

Beautiful sailing from Kuummiit to Tiniteqilaaq by the Ikaasatsivaq strait. The strait has towering granite peaks pointing to the sky on each side. Arriving in Tiniteqilaq we come to the edge of the Sermilik ice fjord. Tinit, as it is sometimes called, is a tiny hunters village at the edge of the Sermilik fjord. The Sermilik fjord has one of the most productive glacier systems in the world, moving over 30 meters per day and constantly calving icebergs. After a visit to Tinit the trip continues among the icebergs of the Sermilik until we come to Camp Qaattu on the east side of Ammassalik Island. After having a refreshment at the camp, we will go for an afternoon walk. Night in Camp Qaattu.
Sailing: 3 hours, Walking: 7 hours

Day 6: Sermilik Fjord

We go for a day hike, doing a loop from the camp over to a river valley with a small glacier river where we are likely to find the national flower of Greenland the Niviarsiaq (young girl) in west Greenlandic. This beautiful purple flower is called Dwarf Fireweed or Arctic River Beauty in English. We then climb a small mountain to get a view over the Sermilik fjord before heading back to the camp where we stay for a second night.
Walking: 6-7 hours, Ascent: 500m

Day 7: Semilikvejen, across Ammassalik to Tasilaq.

Early morning we get a short boat transfer to a place sometimes called the Golden Beach. From the Golden Beach we follow the trail that climbs the hills to the east. We pass a small lake then a second and third until we arrive to a col at approx. 350m. From there we hike along several much bigger lakes until we hit the Tasiilaq fjord. Here the trail follows the coastline until we come into Tasilaq, the largest town of East Greenland with its 2000 inhabitants. Night in a guesthouse.
Walking: 6-7 hours, Ascent: 350m

Day 8: Somandsfjeldet/Qaqqartivakajik

Just behind the town the climb of the 679m high Sailors mountain starts. We follow a steep ridge until we get to the lower summit of the mountain and what a view! We continue to the higher summit to enjoy more of the view to mountains and glaciers and icebergs, before descending into a valley on the north side. We walk along a lake to the Flower valley where we can see several arctic plants in bloom (July and early August). Return to Tasiilaq and night in the same guesthouse.
Walking: 5-6 hours, Ascent: 650m

Day 9: Tasiilaq - Kulusuk

Free day in Tasiilaq with a possibility to visit the local museum, the local handcraft store or the heart of town which is the harbor. In the afternoon we get a boat transfer over to Kulusuk (1 hour) where we stay in the same house as at the beginning of the trip.

Day 10: Kulusuk

Today marks the end of your hiking adventure in East Greenland.


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