Camp overnight on the Greenland Ice Cap

Destination Arctic Circle

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Destination Arctic Circle holds Greenland's most important airport - the airport in Kangerlussuaq. The former U.S. Air Force base serves as a hub offering many connections to the smaller airports spread out across Greenland. There are hardly any roads in Greenland but here a 25 km dirt road connects Kangerlussuaq with the mighty ice cap. Nowhere else in Greenland there is easier access to the Greenland ice cap.

The region offers a vast backland with mountains, secluded lakes and the perfect possibility to see musk oxen and other arctic animals, like reindeer and arctic hare, up close.

Sightseeing boat in Disko Bay approaching icebergs
June - September from €2,735

Best of the West

9 days exploring Disko Bay incl. Disko Island and visit to the Greenland Ice Cap

A Greenland dog in front of colourful houses in Disko Bay
February - April from €1,485

Frozen West

5 days exploring Disko Bay in winter incl. visit to the Greenland Ice Cap

The Sarfaq Ittuk passing icebergs
June - August from €2,150

Coastal Ship - South & West

13 days in the south & west of Greenland incl. 5 days on board Sarfaq Ittuk & Disko Bay

Locals travelling with the Sarfaq Ittuk
June - August from €1,325

Coastal Ship - West Greenland

9 days west coast incl. 3 days on board Sarfaq Ittuk

Ásta Mercier
Asta Mercier Greenland Specialist
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