Sightseeing boat in Disko Bay approaching icebergs
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June August Individual tour

Best of the West

9 days exploring Disko Bay incl. Disko Island and visit to the Greenland Ice Cap

from €2,615 per person
Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate

Be awed by stunning icebergs, enjoy sweeping views across the endless Greenland Ice Cap and experience massive, shimmering glaciers on this individual journey through the western parts of Greenland. Soak up the tranquility of beautiful Disko Island, experience Inuit culture, and simply let Greenland take your breath away. Hands down, this trip covers the best of the west and beyond!

Rough summary

Day 1:

Arrival in Kangerlussuaq - Ice Cap

Day 2:

To Ilulissat by plane - Evening iceberg sailing

Day 3:

Ilulissat Icefjord and Sermermiut

Day 4:

By ferry from Ilulissat to Qeqertarsuaq

Day 5:

Free day in Qeqertarsuaq

Day 6:

Back to Ilulissat by ferry

Day 7:

Free day in Ilulissat

Day 8:

Boat tour to Eqi Glacier

Day 9:

Departure from Ilulissat

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daily departures, June 10, 2024 – August 31, 2024 (available)

Further details

Price includes:

  • 5 hour sightseeing tour to the Greenland Ice Cap in Kangerlussuaq
  • 1 night in Kangerlussuaq incl. breakfast
  • domestic flight from Kangerlussuaq to Ilulissat
  • 2 hour walk at UNESCO Ilulissat Icefjord and Sermermiut
  • 2 hour evening iceberg sightseeing tour by boat
  • Transfers by boat Ilulissat - Qeqertarsuaq return
  • 2 nights in Qeqertarsuaq
  • 10-12 hour boat tour to Eqi Glacier
  • 5 nights in Ilulissat incl. breakfast
  • airport transfers in Ilulissat

Type of trip:

This pre-arranged adventure is an individual trip, meaning you are discovering Greenland on your own but joining selected guided group activities during your stay. You will receive comprehensive travel information such as where and when to meet for the activities.

Minimum age:



Feel free to add one or more of our tour options to make them part of your request.

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Glacier hike during glacier adventure

Extended hike on the ice sheet

  • Kangerlussuaq
  • Jun-Sep
  • 8h
  • €50
  • Moderate
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Looking for a more extensive experience on the Greenland ice cap? Then we recommend to upgrade your excursion from Point 660 (Day 1) to this one here. This 8-hour tour from Kangerlussuaq takes you deeper into the Greenland Ice Sheet, offering a more challenging 4 hours of ice trekking. You'll explore mesmerizing landscapes, use crampons and hiking poles under guided instruction. Picnic lunch included.
A house in the settlement of Oqaatsut in Disko Bay

Boat tour to Oqaatsut settlement incl. dinner

  • Ilulissat
  • Jun 15th-Sep 15th
  • 6h
  • €225
  • Easy
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In the afternoon you will sail to the small settlement of Oqaatsut (Rodebay) located north of Ilulissat. Once we arrive in Oqaatsut we will take you on a guided tour of the settlement. The exploration of Oqaatsut ends at the H8 Explorer restaurant, where a delicious 3-course meal awaits you. After your dinner, the boat will take you back to Ilulissat.
A comfort hut in the first row facing Eqi Glacier

Overnight at Glacier Lodge Eqi

  • Eqi
  • Jun 15th-Sep 15th
  • 2 days
  • +€270 in DBL, +€420 in SGL
  • Easy
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Add to the included boat tour to Eqi Glacier an overnight in a comfort hut or wilderness tent (incl. full board, linen, towels and glacier view hike) at Glacier Lodge Eqi. Choosing this option will extend your program by one day.
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Overnight at Ilimanaq Lodge

  • Ilimanaq
  • Jun 15th-Aug
  • 2 days
  • €575
  • Easy
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Extend your trip by an overnight to explore the picturesque village of Ilimanaq. Journey along the famed Kangia Icefjord, where you'll be treated to magnificent views of vast icebergs. Upon arrival in Ilimanaq, delve into the village's quaint colonial architecture and enjoy a delightful dinner at Restaurant Egede. Your stay will include a night in a luxurious bungalow offering a sea view, complete with linens, towels, dinner, breakfast, and a guided tour of the settlement. This addition will prolong your itinerary by an extra day.
Whale diving near Ilulissat among icebergs

Whale watching tour in Disko Bay

  • Ilulissat
  • Jun-Sep
  • 3h
  • €140
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Today you will go on a whale safari in Disko Bay with its giant icebergs. During the summer many different whale species migrate to the colder waters of the Disko Bay area, commonest humpback whales, fin whales and minke whales. We are in contact with local fishermen who keep us up to date on where we are likely to spot some whales.
Kayaking from Ilulissat in Disko Bay

Evening kayaking

  • Ilulissat
  • Jun-Sep 15th
  • 3h
  • €180
  • Moderate
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In the evening, you go for an impressive kayaking trip among the gigantic icebergs in Disko Bay. The activity consists in kayaking along the coast of Ilulissat, from where you can see big icebergs coming from the Ilulissat Icefjord. You experience this breathtaking scenery in the most natural and traditional way. Just you and your kayak, paddling as Inuits used to so and some still do. Nonetheless all the safety measures are included: the best equipment in the market (clothing that enables you to swim in freezing waters and the most safe and stable kayaks) and if that were not enough, our kayak instructors have the highest qualifications and lots of experience kayaking in Arctic regions (to participate in this trip max height is 2m and weight is 110kg).
Exploring the

Adventurous glacier walk instead of boat tour to Eqi

  • Ilulissat
  • Jul-Aug
  • 8h
  • + €150
  • Moderate
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Choosing this option will replace the trip to Eqi with a glacier adventure. Instead of heading to Eqi Glacier, you start from Ilulissat by sailing south to the beach of Itilliup Ilua. From here you set off with your guide by UTV, driving through the ever-changing landscape until you reach Tasiusaq fjord. From here it is a short hike down to the open boat which will take you deep into the ancient fjord where hunters and prey have been battling for centuries. Soon you jump ashore with your guide and walk towards Saqqarleq Sermia - a glacier that looks inviting but also craves humility. This is where you start to feel like a polar explorer and just want to walk on the thousands-of-years old glacial ice. So that is exactly what you will do. Your glacier guide explains about safety and precautions and takes you through this endless world of ice. Amazing! You will return to Ilulissat in the early evening.
Camp overnight on the Greenland Ice Cap

Camp Ice Cap

  • Kangerlussuaq
  • Mar-Sep
  • 2 days
  • +€530
  • Challenging
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Replace the single-day ice cap tour from Kangerlussuaq for this two-day adventure that immerses you in the captivating Greenland Ice Cap. You'll also get to experience an unforgettable night in a tent on the ice sheet. Choosing this adventure will extend your stay in Kangerlussuaq by two more nights.
View of Ilulissat with Zion church and museum

Guided city walk Ilulissat

  • Ilulissat
  • Feb-Sep
  • 2h
  • €35
  • Easy
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On a city walk through Ilulissat your guide will show you the most important sites of this charming little town located next to the UNESCO Icefjord for instance the old part of town where the houses of the first Danish settlers are situated at the harbour as well as the Knud Rasmussen Museum and the old wooden church Zion. He will provide us with valuable insight into the history of Ilulissat and the Greenlandic culture.
Colourful houses in Qeqertarsuaq

Guided settlement walk through Qeqertarsuaq

  • Qeqertarsuaq
  • Jun 15th-Sep 15th
  • 1.5h
  • €35
  • Easy
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Explore picturesque Qeqertarsuaq on this guided walk which will reveal a glimpse into its history as well as every day life of its around 850 inhabitants. The locals primary occupations are hunting and fishing, especially fishing for snow-crabs and lumpfish. Despite being small and quiet, the only community on Disko Island provides a school, nursing home, hospital and a small museum as well as numerous voluntary associations. The soccer field is always busy with playing children and looks out on the sea with its fantastic icebergs.
Kayaking between icebergs close to Qeqertarsuaq

Guided kayak tour from Qeqertarsuaq

  • Qeqertarsuaq
  • Jun-Sep 11th
  • 2h
  • €170
  • Moderate
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You head out to experience Qeqertarsuaq’ s magnificent nature and its steep volcanic cliffs from a kayak. We often see icebergs and with a bit of luck you might even spot a whale or two. The chosen route depends on the weather, but if we have good weather, your guide will head with you towards beautiful Kuannit.

Flight connections

International flight to Greenland is not included. Domestic flight from Kangerlussuaq to Ilulissat included. Fly to Kangerlussuaq best via Copenhagen/Denmark.
Return flight from 1300 EUR per person can be added to your package.

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Detailed itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Kangerlussuaq - Ice Cap

Arriving here in Kangerlussuaq at this old U.S. Air Force base smells a lot like adventure. This day is no different as our plan is to take you to one of the true wonders of the world - the vast Greenland Ice Cap. A powerful 4WD-vehicle will take you along a rough and dusty track all the way to the edge of the ice. Passing through breathtaking scenery featuring wide plains, semi-desert valleys and a fantastic moraine landscape you start realising how massive Greenland really is. And you have only just started this trip. After a bumpy ride it is time to set your foot onto the massive Greenland Ice Cap. This will be one of your most memorable moments of your trip in Greenland. It is hard to believe that only a few decades ago the Greenland Ice Cap was inaccessible to most people. Like a mysterious, looming beast the Ice Cap sent cool winds rolling down from its highest peak into Kangerlussuaq. We spend a bit of time exploring this endless world of ice before returning to Kangerlussuaq. By the way, the area provides best access to witness some of Greenland's fauna. With a bit of luck on our side we might spot reindeer, musk oxen or arctic hare. Overnight in Kangerlussuaq.

Day 2: To Ilulissat by plane - Evening iceberg sailing

Today you head further north by plane to visit famous Disko Bay. In the evening you will head out by boat and visit the gigantic floating icebergs, so have your cameras locked and loaded. One of our experienced captains will take you out into Disko Bay, getting you as close as safe to the fascinating icebergs. These frozen giants have calved from the most productive glacier of the Northern Hemisphere, the Sermeq Kujalleq. It annually calves 35 km³ of ice into the UNESCO Icefjord - a sheer unimaginable amount. If you are lucky you might even spot a whale or two. Overnight in Ilulissat.

Day 3: UNESCO Ilulissat Icefjord and Sermermiut

You came here to see glaciers and icebergs. And you do not mean the small ones, you mean the massive ones. Well, we promise - this is what you are going to see. Standing in front of the enormous Ilulissat Icefjord will make you feel small and humble. An endless amount of ice is pushing down from the glacier Sermeq Kujalleq towards the sea, where ice is calving constantly creating those majestic icebergs floating in Disko Bay. Here, at the Ilulissat Icefjord World Heritage Site, we also stop at Sermermiut, an abandoned Inuit settlement, which had been used by Saqqaq, Early Dorset and Thule cultures. Our guide will give you insights of the Inuit culture and will answer your questions.

A free evening in Ilulissat allows for relaxing or adding further exciting activities and experiences that suit you. Make this trip your very own adventure and find some exciting tours in our suggested options. Overnight in Ilulissat.

Day 4: By ferry from Ilulissat to Qeqertarsuaq

From the harbour the local ferry will take you across to exceptional Qeqertarsuaq, a settlement standing alone on the great Disko Island away from Greenland’s west coast. We love the place for its authentic vibe. Our recommendation is to take a walk through the settlement observing the old colorful houses and the not-so-busy life style. There are also a few benches along its coastline inviting for great views out into the iceberg-spotted bay. So wrap-up warm, take a book, maybe a camera, and try to hear the sounds of the whales feeding out in the bay. Overnight in Qeqertarsuaq.

Day 5: Free day in Qeqertarsuaq

Enjoy your free day in tranquil Qeqertarsuaq. Various hiking trails lead you into the island’s lush hills to experience volcanic rock formations. We highly recommend to hike along the coastline to Kuannit. It roughly takes 4-6 hours return, it is easy to find and you do not need a guide for this trip. This hike is also some sort of free whale watching trip, since next to the big icebergs bowhead and humpback whales can often be spotted along the shoreline all the way to Kuannit. Overnight in Qeqertarsuaq.

Day 6: Back to Ilulissat by ferry

It is hard to leave Qeqertarsuaq behind but great adventures are heading our way. First we get back to Ilulissat, the town of icebergs, a name holding its truth as we soon start to witness approaching the town. From the occasional iceberg here and there the captain of our ferry will soon have to pay more attention to the countless icebergs enlacing Ilulissat. Did we mention that the ferry is also great way to meet locals, as it is the common form of transport getting from A to B during summer - sort of like our bus system - just with better views. Overnight in Ilulissat.

Day 7: Free day in Ilulissat

This day serves as a buffer day in case there is any delay caused by weather returning from Disko Island. Great, if you arrive without any delay. Use that chance to stroll through Ilulissat or arrange another activity upon arrival in Ilulissat. Overnight in Ilulissat.

Day 8: Boat tour to Eqi Glacier

One of the biggest highlights of this trip still remains - Eqi Glacier, a massive glacier wall of ancient ice constantly calving and breaking. To get there we head north from Ilulissat by boat for a few hours. Having reached Eqi we will sail as close as safe to the giant wall, turn off the engines for about an hour, enjoy lunch but foremost the breathtaking view of the calving glacier. To hear the sound of the ice cracking and crushing is sheer amazing. Now is also the time to get out your camera to take the perfect photo memory before we are heading back down to Ilulissat. Overnight in Ilulissat.

Day 9: Departure from Ilulissat

All great adventures come to an end and so is this. Still feeling like you want to use an extra day here or there? No problem, contact us and we will refine this trip and make it yours.

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Sensationell.....mehr gibt es da nicht zu sagen....wirklich
Vielen vielen Dank

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Marion (Deutschland, June 2023)

Mein Lebenstraum Grönland

Es war eine sehr beeindruckende Reise - eine grandiose Natur - Eisberge,Eisberge,Eisberge so weit das Auge reicht. Hiermit habe ich mir meinen Lebenstraum - Grönland zu sehen - dank Ihrer Erfahrung und sehr guten Organisation erfüllen können.

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Gerlinde Plettau (Deutschland, June 2019)

Great job

Everything was well-organized and we really enjoyed our time in Greenland. I would definitely recommend your company to my friends. Please let me know if you have a blog to write a few words about your great job.

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Olga (USA, July 2016)

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