Sightseeing boat in Disko Bay approaching icebergs
© Dylan Furst

Covid-19 info

updated: March 1, 2023

Current travel regulations:

Greenland is a self-governing territory within the Kingdom of Denmark, therefore Denmark's entry requirements apply to Greenland as well, but can be further tightened by Greenland.

Current travel regulations for Denmark:

There are no COVID-19 related restrictions on entry to Denmark.
Link to detailed regulations.

Current travel regulations for Greenland:

The Naalakkersuisut (Greenlandic Government) has decided to lift the current entry restrictions from Wednesday 18 May 2022. This means that you do not need a test or vaccination document to travel to Greenland.
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Current travel regulations for Iceland:

Iceland has removed all Covid-19 related entry regulations on 25th February 2022.
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