Transfer by RIB boat to Qaleraliq Glacier Camp
Request a quote South Greenland Adventure

8 days full of adventure in South Greenland

from 2,195.00 €
Request a quote South Greenland Adventure

8 days full of adventure in South Greenland

from 2,195.00 €

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Tasiusaq: Kayaking (2h, 85€)

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Guided tour

South Greenland Adventure

8 days full of adventure in South Greenland

Difficulty level: Easy-Moderate from 2,195.00 €

We invite you to explore amazing South Greenland. Come with us on an active adventure and discover the wonders of South Greenland. We will sail through fjords covered in blue-tinged icebergs, witness glaciers crawling into deep fjords and feel the mighty Greenlandic ice sheet omnipresent.

The landscape here surprises with intense greens and colourful settlements, dotted along the shoreline of the fjords. We will find camp right next to an impressive glacier and take a guided walk on one of the ancient outlet glaciers of the ice cap, discovering the geology of a glacier such as its crevasses and drains.

During the trip you will also enjoy spectacular hikes through tundra and glacier valleys, see herds of caribou wondering, fish for Arctic salmon or cod and opt to go kayaking in the Bay of Icebergs.

Rough summary

Day 1:

Reykjavik or Copenhagen - Narsarsuaq

Day 2:

Narsaq - Qaleraliq Glacier Camp

Day 3:

Views to the ice cap

Day 4:

Glacier walk

Day 5:

Igaliku and Qooroq Ice Fjord

Day 6:

Tasiusaq or the Bay of Icebergs

Day 7:

Flower Valley and Kiattut Glacier

Day 8:

Back to Reykjavik or Copenhagen

Prices and dates

Price per person from:

2,195.00 Euro from Reykjavik
2,495.00 Euro from Copenhagen


June 2019 (from Reykjavik only)

From 25 to 02 of July

July 2019 (from Reykjavik and Copenhagen)

From 02 to 09 of July
From 09 to 16 of July
From 16 to 23 of July
From 23 to 30 of JulyFrom 30 to 06 of July

August 2019 (from Reykjavik and Copenhagen)

From 06 to 13 of August
From 13 to 20 of August (Northern Lights)
From 20 to 27 of August (Northern Lights)
From 27 to 03 of September (Northern Lights)

September 2019 (from Reykjavik only)

From 03 to 10 of September (Northern Lights)
From 10 to 17 of September (Northern Lights)
From 14 to 21 of September (Northern Lights)
From 17 to 24 of September (Northern Lights)
From 21 to 28 of September (Northern Lights)

Further details

Price includes:

  • Flight Reykjavik/Copenhagen - Narsarsuaq, return
  • English-speaking adventure guide
  • boat transfers
  • meals on full board basis
  • cooking gear
  • accommodation
  • camping and RIB boat travel equipment

Price does not include:

  • airport taxes and fees (between 165€-200€ from Reykjavik and 200€ from Copenhagen)
  • lunch on flight days
  • Accommodation, transfers and food in Reykjavik or Copenhagen


Tasiusaq: Kayaking (2h, 85€)
It is possible to go on an optional kayak excursion in Tasiusaq Bay. The bay is very sheltered and covered with icebergs. It is one of the safest places in Greenland to try kayaking.

Min / max participants:

4 / 12

Minimum age:


Bring along:

Warm and waterproof outdoor clothing, sleeping bag (-10° Celsius, can be rented)


special discount for June departures, -100 EUR

Flight connections

Flights to Greenland from Reykjavik/Iceland or Copenhagen/Denmark are included.

Open map

Detailed itinerary

Day 1: Reykjavik or Copenhagen - Narsarsuaq - Qassiarsuk

Today you will be flying from Reykjavik or Copenhagen to Narsarsuaq. Our adventure guide will welcome you at the airport and take you by RIB boat through Tunulliarfik Fjord, usually covered by icebergs, to Qassiarsuk. We take a walk through the village visiting Brattahlið. Here Eric the Red settled in 985 at the start of the colonisation. We will visit the original ruins and a replica of the original chapel and longhouse.

Accommodation in Hostel

Day 2: Narsaq - Qaleraliq Glacier Camp

On our way to Qaleraliq Camp, we are heading into Tunulliarfik fjord passing many icebergs. We will also stop in Narsaq - with 1500 inhabitants the third most populated town in South Greenland. There enjoy a bit of time on your own. Our recommendations are to visit the local market, go for a walk or do some shopping before we are boarding again and approaching Qaleraliq Glacier Camp.

The camp on a sandy beach provides a spectacular view of three glacier fronts from glacier Qaleraliq. This is the perfect place to stay and rest your soul while listening to the sound of cracking ice from nearby icefalls.

Accommodation in fixed tents

Day 3: Views to the ice cap

We are hiking towards Tasersuatsiaq Great Lake where we enjoy panoramic views of the ice cap. We find ourselves in a unique desert-like sand valley leading up to a surprisingly quite different landscape of green and thick tundra. Having passed the lake we will climb up a 400 meter high mountain, which provides mesmerizing views over the lake, by the way one of the largest in South Greenland. Here from the top we should also have a great view of the Greenlandic ice sheet with its Nunataks, floating landmarks on the ice sheet. We will also enjoy picking mushrooms and blueberries and meeting a few caribou, which are plentiful in the area.

Accommodation in fixed tents

Day 4: Glacier walk

We will board our fast RIB boats, pass many icebergs and navigate along the impressive glacier fronts with their huge vertical ice walls. We will go ashore for an amazing glacier walk on the ancient ice, guided by an expert mountain guide. We will explore crevasses, drains, caves, seracs, and other ice formations, which give an incredible, labyrinthine quality to this glacier. The glacier hike is a truly unique experience, exciting and original, surprising both first-time comers and those used to the peculiarities of the glacier world.

Accommodation in fixed tents

Day 5: Igaliku and Qooroq Ice Fjord

We leave Camp Qaleraliq behind and navigate to Itilleq via the Tunulliarfik fjord. We cross the Kongevejen, or King's road, to the idyllic Igaliku, a small Inuit settlement inhabited by not quite 40 people, where one finds the ruins of Gardar, the archdiocese and religious capital of Viking Greenland.

After lunch in Igaliku we hike back to Itilleq and take the boat across to Qassiarsuk. On our way to Qassiarsuk we will use the unique opportunity to go and see one of the most active glaciers in all South Greenland - Qooroq Glacier. We will get as close to the ice as we can before hitting the break and returning to Qassiarsuk.

Accommodation in Hostel

Day 6: Tasiusaq or the Bay of Icebergs

From Qassiarsuk we hike to Tasiusaq farm, where seven people live in isolation. Tasiuasaq is next to Sermilik Fjord, which is almost always blocked by icebergs calving of the productive Eqaloruutsit Glacier. But Tasiusaq farm is not the only sheep farm of the area. We will continue our hike to Nunataaq Farm, where we can discover Viking ruins.

We continue to explore the area, discover hidden lakes in the tundra while enjoying impressive views of Tasiusaq Bay filled with many icebergs. We head back to Tasiusaq Farm, where we can go fishing for arctic salmon or enjoy a short walk in the area.

Accommodation in Tasiusaq or Qassiarsuk Hostel

Day 7: Flower Valley and Kiattut Glacier

With our fun zodiac boats we will cross to Narsarsuaq to further explore South Greenland. We will hike through Flower Valley, formed by retreating glaciers and consequent sedimentation. As the name implies, we will find plenty of flowers in the valley. We hike until we can see Kiattut Glacier and enjoy stunning panoramas of the ice sheet and its Nunataks. Back in Narsarsuaq we enjoy a Greenlandic farewell dinner with typical Inuit products, such as whale, seal, caribou and mattak.

Accommodation in Hostel

Day 8: Back to Reykjavik or Copenhagen

We take you back to Narsarsuaq where you have time to walk around in the area and visit the local museum before you are flying back to Reykjavik or Copenhagen.

Hike: Distance (km) Duration (h) Accumulated height (m) Maximum height (m)
Tasersuatsiaq Lake 15 5 500 410
King's Way 9 3 200 100
Tasiusaq 13 5 375 200
Flower Valley 14 7 550 300
Glacier walk 3 4 220 150

All adventure trips are undertaken on the responsibility of its participants. Greenland Tours does not assume any responsibility for accidents which are caused by its customers or can be traced to their own actions. Participants have to sign a waiver before undertaking all trips stating that they realise that all outdoor activities carry an inherent risk.