Walking along Sermilik Fjord
Request a quote Frozen Giants

10 days hiking in East Greenland

from 2,980.00 €
Request a quote Frozen Giants

10 days hiking in East Greenland

from 2,980.00 €

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Guided tour

Frozen Giants

10 days hiking in East Greenland

Difficulty level: Moderate from 2,980.00 €

The Ammassalik region is one of the most isolated inhabited region on the planet. Mountains, icebergs, huge glaciers and rivers form the beautiful landscape we will explore. We will stay at a mountain hut at the incredible Sermilik ice fjord and enjoy the view of the spectacular icebergs in the sea. We will visit three isolated villages with colourful houses, friendly people and howling sled dogs and spend the nights in the middle of the settlements. This is an unforgettable tour for those who want an insight into life in this remote part of the world, who enjoy relatively easy hikes in beautiful nature and prefer inside accommodation.

Rough summary

Day 1:

Arrival in Kulusuk. Night in Kulusuk.

Day 2:

Hiking on Kulusuk Island. Night in Kulusuk.

Day 3:

Boat transfer to Kuummiut. Night in Kuummiut.

Day 4:

Hiking in Tuno fjord. Night in Kuumiut.

Day 5:

Mt. Kuummiut. Night in Kuummiut.

Day 6:

From Kuummiut to Ikasartivaq Fjord. Night in hut.

Day 7:

Hiking at the Sermilik Fjord. Night in hut.

Day 8:

Hiking the Sermilik Path to Tasiilaq. Night in Tasiilaq.

Day 9:

Day at leisure in Tasiilaq. Night in Tasiilaq.

Day 10:

Boat transfer back to Kulusuk.

Prices and dates

Price per person:

2,980.00 Euro


July 05, 2018 – July 14, 2018 (guaranteed)
July 19, 2018 – July 28, 2018 (guaranteed)
August 02, 2018 – August 11, 2018 (fully booked)
August 16, 2018 – August 25, 2018 (fully booked)
August 28, 2018 – September 06, 2018 (fully booked)

Further details

Price includes:

  • English speaking guide
  • full board from lunch day 1 to lunch day 10
  • boat transfers
  • 9 nights in hostel
  • 2 nights in hut

Min/max participants:


Minimum age:


Bring along:

Warm and waterproof outdoor clothing. Please request equipment list.

Hiking details:

Walking per day: 5-7 hours
Total distance: 70 kilometres (44 miles)
Altitude: 0–1000 meters (165 - 3600 feet)
Maximum ascent: 500 meters (1600 feet)

Flight connections

Flights to Greenland are not included.
Best way to fly to Kulusuk is via Reykjavík/Iceland.
Return flight from 795 EUR per person can be added to your package.

Open map

Detailed itinerary

Day 1: Kulusuk

We will spend the day in the small settlement of Kulusuk which is situated at the rocky coast of Kulusuk Island. The sea in full of stunning icebergs. We will explore the colourful settlement and the beautiful surroundings. Night at a hostel in Kulusuk.

Day 2: Kulusuk Island

Today we will hike on Kulusuk island and enjoy the amazing scenery. We will see remains of a wall used to hunt reindeer centuries ago and also visit the coast where Nordic settlers set their mark on the land. The view from the coast is beautiful and from the most western tip of the island we can see all the way out to the Atlantic. On our way back to town we will pass the lakes in the heart of the island. Night at a hostel in Kulusuk.
Walking: 6-7 hours

Day 3: Kulusuk - Kuummiut

We sail from Kulusuk into the great Ammassalik Fjord to the small settlement of Kuummiut. Kuummiut is situated at the end of a peninsula and offers a spectacular view. We will stay at a house in the village.

Day 4: Tuno Fjord

Our hike to Illitsiartik in the fjord of Tuno will be relatively easy, but we will have to ford a river or two on the way. The vegetation here is surprisingly rich and the scenery absolutely stunning. We will spend the night in Kuummiut.
Walking: 5-6 hours in total

Day 5: Mt. Kuummiut

Today we will climb Kuummiut Mountain (1050 m). The altitude is quite modest, but we have to start from sea level which makes this a full day hike. At the top of the mountain an extraordinary view awaits us. We will see fjords, islands, mountains, glaciers and icebergs. We will spend the night in Kuummiut.
Walking: 7 hours

Day 6: Kuummiut – Ikasartivaq Fjord

Today we leave Kuummiut and enjoy a boat trip between the icebergs through the Ammassalik Fjord, then into the smaller fjord of Ikasartivaq. Our hut, where we stay for the next two nights, is in a tranquil corner of the fjord, surrounded by dramatic peaks and glaciers. In the afternoon, we explore the surroundings of the hut.

Day 7: Sermilik Fjord

Today we hike up a small mountain that towers over the Sermilik fjord, an immense fjord filled with countless numbers of icebergs. These icebergs have calved from the great Greenland icecap, that covers the majority of the country and the mountains at the bottom of the fjord. This will be a breathtaking and beautiful day! Literally, you will miss a breath. Once you have caught your breath, we return following a ridge towards south and head back to our camp.
Walking: 6-7 hours

Day 8: Sermilik Vejen to Tasiilaq

We start the day with a boat transfer, passing by the small settlement of Tiniteqilaaq, on our way to a sandy beach by the Sermilik icefjord. Enjoy just sitting and take in the views of floating icebergs and beautiful mountains before we start today´s hike. We hike along a stream and pass by a waterfall before we reach the pass of the Sermilik way. This route has been used for a long time by the locals. We descend on the other side and reach the lake 168. We hike along this bigger lake before we reach some smaller ones; finally, we arrive at the flower valley. It is lush with green and flowers, with butterflies fluttering by and a colourful cemetery with plastic flowers and white crosses. In the late afternoon we reach the biggest town of East Greenland, Tasiilaq with 1.800 habitants. Night in private house for the next 2 nights.
Walking: 5-7 hours

Day 9: Tasiilaq – Prestefjeld

Today the choice is yours. For those who want to go for a hike in the surroundings of Tasiilaq this will be an option. When back in Tasiilaq we can stroll around the town, visit possibly the local museum (depending on opening hours) or the local shop with artistic local products.

Day 10: Tasiilaq - Kulusuk

We will go on a short walk in the morning before we return to Kulusuk.

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