Covid-19 info

Covid-19 info

updated: May 18, 2022
next expected update: September 01, 2022

Current travel regulations:

Greenland is a self-governing territory within the Kingdom of Denmark, therefore Denmark's entry requirements apply to Greenland as well, but can be further tightened by Greenland.

Current travel regulations for Denmark:

There are no COVID-19 related restrictions on entry to Denmark.
Link to detailed regulations.

Current travel regulations for Greenland:

The Naalakkersuisut (Greenlandic Government) has decided to lift the current entry restrictions from Wednesday 18 May 2022. This means that you do not need a test or vaccination document to travel to Greenland.
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Current travel regulations for Iceland:

Iceland has lifted all Covid-19 restrictions.
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Covid-19 situation in Greenland:

68% of the population in Greenland is fully vaccinated. Currently there are no people in hospital, 21 people have died of Covid-19. The reopening for entry to Greenland started with all due caution in summer 2021. Since then it is possible to enter Greenland if you are fully vaccinated. Greenland as the world's largest island with about 85% of its territory covered by ice only has a tiny population of around 56.000 inhabitants who need to be protected. They are living in small towns and settlements far away from each other. There usually is a hospital in the towns and a nursing clinic in the settlements, and the national hospital in the capital Nuuk.

Traveling in Greenland during the Covid-19 pandemic:

Travellers that visit Greenland are characterised by their love of nature and the great outdoors. They want to experience the vastness of the country most commonly on an individual basis. 90 percent of Greenland Tours’ adventurers are travelling the country individually, meaning as singles, couples, family or small groups of friends, the remaining 10 percent travel in small organised hiking groups. Responsible and considerate travel has always been important to us and our adventurers. We are therefore providing detailed information on all measures taken by the Greenlandic government to continue to protect both locals and travellers.

We are there for you:

Our Greenland experts are available Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 17:00 Central European Standard Time. You can contact us by email at or by phone at +49 30 364 283 630. We will be more than happy to assist you with any of your questions.

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